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It almost goes with out saying that if you are planning a party and want to hire a experienced party DJ or a Mobile Disco we would recommend you contact us first. However if you do not then here is some advice we hope you find useful.

Its also important to be able to be able to contact your party DJ at any time so a mobile number or email address is not as good as a land line telephone number.

If you were impressed with the DJ who performed at your 18th birthday party and book in advance for you 21st, its best to keep in contact. Things change and you don't want to find out the night before your big party the DJ gave up doing mobile discos ages ago and forgot to tell you.

Expect the unexpected, things go wrong just before, or even on the way to the event so its best to ensure you have a mobile number for the DJ and that your DJ has yours. At least you can find out if there are any last minute complications fast.

Mobile discos generally fit into one of two groups these are single operator or large mobile disco agency's. A large mobile disco agency may have the DJs to cover any event and have lots of glorious references but these references may not apply to the DJ you are sent on the night. And it may also be the DJ's first day on the job. Check any impressive references are for the DJ who will actually play for you on the night.

These days all party venues will have as a condition of insurance that mobile disco equipment used in the venue must have portable appliance certification (PAT). Venues will also require DJs to be covered with adequate public liability insurance (PLI). If your DJ does not have current certification you run the risk of having you DJ was turned away from the party venue. Some party venues are more vigorous with checking than others but to be safe Its essential you check a mobile disco has PAT and PLI before you hire a DJ.

Requests on the night are one of the key factors in building a good party atmosphere, so its important to hire a DJ that takes requests. However its best not to ask your friends and family for ideas in advance as the DJ will need to know who asked for what, and if they actually in the room. Its also the case that some people will ask for a record that no body else will like and not dance to it. This type of record will clear a dance floor and the audience will not be impressed. An experienced DJ will know who the live wires are in the crowd and those most likely to get the party going. So playing requests for this group will help lift everyone's spirits and draw everyone onto the dance floor, even the shy wall flowers. However although your guests are important it is your party and the music should be of your choice. We suggest you supply your DJ with a list of about 10 to 30 tunes to play on the night and an experience party DJ will work out the rest on the night.

Beware the friend of a friend who is a DJ. Most people will know someone either directly our through a friend who dabbles in mobile discos and calls themselves a DJ. Your friends friend may be a brilliant DJ but if he is offering to do the job on the cheap there will be a reason for this. After all if you wanted to get your car fixed or your house redecorated would a friend of a friend do the job for a knock down price when he had other work lined up. Unfortunately not all DJs are reliable and we receive a large number of panic last minute phone calls because a DJ booked informally via a friend hasn't bothered to turn up or turned up and is rubbish. We always suggest which ever DJ service you use it should never be arranged as a gentlemen's agreement. A binding written contract is a must.